Becoming a pioneer in the trend of bringing top technology applications into every design solution, in order to provide customers with not only flawless creative options but also high-class service experiences right from the approach and choosing ideas (best suited to your desire), aiming to optimize the quality of living space.


“The leader of the Trend”

Moris’s guideline is always innovative and innovative: not afraid to change, constantly improving design ideas and service quality until the absolute satisfaction of customers is achieved.


“Reputation – Virtue- Influence”

  • Reputation : Employees respect and trust each other, and put brand prestige first. Motto: dare to say dare to do it and say it can be done.
  • Virtue: Each Moris member is a person who constantly cultivates and cultivates good moral qualities to gradually improve himself in every aspect.
  • Influence: With a focus on medium and high-end product lines. The founder and staff of Moris are always aware of the fierce competition of the industry, but surpassing all, with a passion for the profession and the experiences and ups and downs of the job. Moris always keeps improving, listening to customers and updating information about the industry in the most complete and timely way for customers to come to Moris not only satisfied with the quality of the handover but also feel the The utmost respect for the values ​​Moris brings to his guests.

You are looking for a reputable and quality interior design and construction unit, but still wonder if you should meet and trust in any unit in the market of too many furniture companies today.

Please come with us. MORIS Studio will help you. With the motto of putting perfection and satisfaction right from the first steps such as approaching, choosing design ideas until completion of the project, and even after-care programs.

We have launched the DELIVERY DESIGN service as per your requirements, as well as the PLACE SERVICE, where customers come to visit the model house experience in our company. This is a convenient solution and can save costs in the process of building ideas and surveys to ensure absolute satisfaction for you.

We create


Perfect design language

Perfectly designed products were created , based on practical experiences drawn from the projects that each member at Moris has done over the years. Delivers perfect beauty for every field.


Hieu Le


Long Trung

Creative Director

Thuy Duong

Design Director

Cuong Cao

Wood Factory Director


  1. We create perfection. Each detail is carefully researched and designed in a meticulous, attentive manner as required by customers.
  2. We are creative on every product, to ensure your apartment, house, and store are special and unique, not mixed with any one work.
  3. We have our own workshop to ensure the most reasonable cost for customers. And, to be able to process furniture only for your beloved home.
  4. We put the brand reputation first. In order to do that, we always try our best to research customers’ market, trends and tastes to bring the best things to Moris’s people who love working and people.
  5. We absolutely respect and support our customers with the utmost care throughout our work and for those who are looking to learn about Moris for future plans.


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