Fashion shop

Looking from the outside to the inside of the shop, usually the fashion shop with interior decoration is artistic, beautiful and always preferred by customers to visit. Because the unique beauty of the interior is designed to attract the curiosity of customers.

The importance of designing and executing fashion shop interior

Designing a fashion shop is an issue that needs attention first when you have a fashion business plan. The shop interior is the first point that impresses customers, because of that, to find a prestigious and professional unit is an extremely important issue.

Basic notes and solutions in designing a fashion shop you should consult:

  1. Identify goals and customers

In order to design and execute a beautiful fashion shop, you first need to determine the target, the customer needs to aim to have the space layout, interior decoration to be the most suitable, creating focal points, attract customers when visiting a shop.

    2. Suitable space design, supported to check devices and control modes for guests

Sales shop design requires careful investment in aesthetics, space design must be appropriate, layout arranged so as to ensure usability and utility for customers. Fashion shop is a place to display products specific to the store, so when designing, it is necessary to make full use of them to avoid excess or lack of space.

    3. Unique style, suitable, choose the main color tone

In fact, the design of clothing stores depends on many factors, especially the dominant style that you want to aim for, each style will have a different way of decoration, such as antique style. classic style, fresh style for teen or even loving, luxurious style, …

The main color in the fashion shop depends on your home shop area. Small spaces should use bright tones to make the space wider. There are large areas of space, you can use both main colors. But for dark tones without knowing how to coordinate, it is easy to make the room dark without highlighting the product inside.

    4. Lighting

The factor to note is the lighting system. Have you ever been attracted to light to make stores more sparkling? That is why it is necessary to seriously invest in a lighting system. You can arrange lights in areas such as manocanh, in front of the mirror and at the product display areas. At the same time, you can choose many different tones to create a sparkling, bright for the store or bring a cozy and luxurious space.

    5. Choose product display shelves

Product display shelves should choose the style of each fashion shop. Shop fashion style youthful, dynamic according to modern trends, it is recommended to use display racks hanging by electrostatic painting. By iron shelves always bring youthfulness, dynamism for products standing next to it

    6. Decorate more ornamental plants, picture frames, widgets

Decorate additional bonsai pots by the entrance or empty spaces next to the display shelf so that the space has more splendor of nature. The space above should be decorated with additional decoration of fashion and create highlights to attract the attention of customers.


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