Mediterranean Style

What is a Mediterranean style?

The Mediterranean is more accurately called the Renaissance Revival (Mediterranean Revival), an eclectic style of interior architecture that began to appear in the US in the late 19th century and became popular in the in the 20s and 30s. The Mediterranean style originating from the European countries north of the Mediterranean coast is Spain, Italy, Greece and there are now many influences on ants modern Spanish architecture.

Mediterranean style is a harmonious combination of styles: Renaissance Spain, Spanish Colonial (Spanish colony), Beaux-Arts, Renaissance Renaissance, and architecture Gothic in Venice.

In the 1920s and 1930s, this style became popular with palaces, hotels, villas and coastal resorts in California and Florida (USA). Then the Mediterranean style also has a strong influence on housing architecture in many other countries.

Characteristics of Mediterranean style

About architecture

The structure of the structure with Mediterranean style is placed on a rectangular foundation, quite large scale. Here are some other features of the Mediterranean style architecture:

– The house has only one to two floors

– There is a courtyard

– Wide dome

– Large terrace and corridor

– The structure is mainly brick and mortar

– The head is sloping, low

– Low awning

– Ceilings often expose beams and beams (with some carvings, decorative motifs)

– There are lush gardens

– Walls are thick, plastered

– Wide windows with wide open space

The key to distinguishing Renaissance Mediterranean style is tile roofs and decorations that are simpler (as opposed to complex details on Spanish colonial structure).

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Mediterranean-style villas

Homes with wide patios and airy </ span>

About the interior


The interior layout of Mediterranean style is often asymmetrical and quite spread. The ground is usually rectangular or square, the spaces are very wide and airy. Furniture from simple to luxurious functions.

– The furniture is usually low, with well-crafted, sophisticated legs or racks.

– Polished metal items used a lot in spaces.

– The details of the fireplace and hanging lights greatly influence Moroccan style.

– Thick walls are mostly plastered, clothed or stained.

– The carpet is used a lot, as a highlight for the space.

– Wrought iron pattern is used for details: bed, railing, lighting equipment …

– Use many Mosaic tiles – especially for bathrooms.

Luxurious bathroom with Mosaic tiles and curling iron chandelier

About colors


Colors used in Mediterranean style are often cheerful and clear . The colors commonly used in this style are:


– Blue sky and sea.

– Terracotta terra.

– Olive green.

– Purple lavender.

– The light yellow of the sun.

– White of sea sand.


All of these colors are subtly combined to create a sea-flavored style, giving people comfort and closeness to nature. < / span>

Mediterranean-style dining room

Delicate bedroom with white jade and red blood cockle accents

Gentle bedroom with two main colors of turquoise – white combined with rustic wood

The Spanish Mediterranean style bedroom, has Moroccan style influence

The small yard is an ideal place to relax with green trees, outdoor tables and chairs or sofas that are classic and modern < / em>

The lights are Mediterranean-rich

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