The house is unique in sunshine in Saigon

The 122m2 house is located in District 10, with high construction density and surrounded by 3 to 4-storey houses.

The landlord is a son living in a foreign country who wants to rebuild the house for his mother and family living in Vietnam. According to the mother of the homeowner, who has lived in this area for more than 40 years when it was only vacant land. The present place is a small house surrounded by buildings 3 to 4 stories high with an alley leading into the house only 1 meter wide.

With a house built normally will face the lack of light because of the shadow of neighboring buildings so the space will always be dark and humid.

Therefore, the architect’s goal is to design a house with open space, lots of gardens and balconies.

After observing the movement of sunlight, the architect cut a diagonal at the corners of the house to avoid direct sunlight into the rooms and also a way to use the light without doing hot house because the direction of the sun is reflected from the balcony.

The house is built on 3 floors, in which the ground floor consists of the mother’s bedroom next to the dining room, the kitchen floor with the first floor is the reception space, the 2nd floor focuses on private rest space, while the floor on top of priority for the entire area of greenery covered.

To create the seamlessness between internal and external space, all interior and exterior walls are constructed of waterproof concrete.

Premises and solutions to avoid the sun of the house

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