Unique Western main house from inside and out between Saigon

The house is not only satisfied with the owner’s desire but also a new color palette that is both harmonious and unique.

The house is located in the west of Ho Chi Minh City built on a piece of land with an area of 5m x 15m, is also a typical project of commercial houses or tube houses in big cities, crowded residential areas, which are the types of houses that often lack sunlight, feel like they are imprisoned.

The work was inspired by the modern heritage of Vietnam, the group of architects experimented on the pattern of ventilated flowers to bring to the front of the brilliant but reasonable house. The potted plants interspersed with bamboo work to filter direct sunlight and the bow.

As planned, there should be 4 bedrooms with a room on the ground floor, but the actual space is limited. The solution is that the architect has designed the staircase to become the focal point, attracting the most concentration inside, which is a special design divided into 3 parts, the staircase is a wooden drawer, an iron staircase Powder coating and purple concrete ladder.

Above the second floor, there is a skylight that ensures natural light inside the house and also improves the natural ventilation system.

The corridor of each staircase is arranged with a bookshelf combined with a few pots of plants almost no separation between living space in the outside.

At the ground floor, there is a living room, a dining room and a connected kitchen in an open space. The L-shaped kitchen, while the sofa set in the living room and dining table is a unique combination of stairs and a strange experience.

The second floor consists of an open-air bathroom, plus a ceiling above the ceiling painted in vivid yellow gives a sense of peace, relaxation and energy. A special feature is that the roof is not only a cushion to cool the house but also can walk and plant flowers.

The completed house converges the advantages such as natural light, ventilation, lush vegetation, optimal space and vivid colors. It is also the answer to the requirements of customers who want to have a happy and comfortable living space. In addition, this is also an opportunity for architects to experiment with a new and unique color palette that is both unique and harmonious with the interior.

House premises

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