Tropical Style

Inspired by tropical regions, the typical Tropical design style will be associated with nature, climate, or famous landscapes such as Bali, Hawaii and tropical waters. Caribbean …
Features of Tropical style:
Silk with elegant, gentle characteristics is the preferred material in this style. Not only that, the tropical style furniture is often made from teak, wickerwork, rattan, or sea grass … All are not only quite popular materials, but they are also natural materials that abound in tropical regions.
Tropical style design is also characterized by wooden floors or tiles, tiles … Carpeting on the floor is a great suggestion to add space to the space. Press the house for the house to add a unique part by using carpet made of natural fibers, featuring palm trees, shells, pineapples, or tropical animals …
Tropical style wall design
Can apply interior paint, exterior paint such as green, blue, jade green … to bring relaxation, comfort, closeness to nature for your home space. House paint can be dark, crisp but sometimes soft and bright colors such as light blue, pastel blue …

Especially for the climate in Vietnam, along with the trend of modern houses, narrow space, white paint or yellow chicken fat is preferred to highlight the color of equipment and create a fresh look. time.
Gentle white tone brings relaxation to space and is easily coordinated with many different furniture.
Besides homeowners can use mural painting, 3D mural painting with palm leaves and coconut leaves … The use of images of large size trees (banana trees, palm leaves …) in the device Tropical furniture is a safety measure. Can be applied to any space: painting the living room, painting the bedroom, children’s room or the outside area …
The colors represent the sea, sky, trees, leaves … of the tropical region are always the main colors of space. The nuances of these colors can be crisp, clear, can also be soft, smooth depending on the aesthetic taste and creativity, the ability to perceive each designer’s mystery of color.

We can carry the body of the sea, the sky, the freshness of tropical foliage into the living space in blue color, or use yellow tones to recreate images of long sandy beaches take. Besides, to make the space more lively and attractive, we can recreate the other shades of tropical land.
Referring to the characteristic of the material in the tropical interior design style – the style of Tropical is the first name initiated. This material brings gentle beauty and extremely elegant and elegant.
In addition, wood, seagrass, wickerwork, etc. materials are also prioritized to create the perfect beauty for the space. These materials are often used to make tables, chairs, floors or decorative furniture.


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