Xu hướng màu sắc cho phòng khách trong mùa hè 2019

The changing color of the seasonal living room will give you a whole new perspective on life. However, with color trends this year, you won’t have to change colors too often because they guarantee a balance in both short and long term.
Coral orange 

Dubbed the color of the year, corals in its many colors
can make a big impact in any living room

Most of us tend to stay away from shades of orange because it feels all too bright. But orange
Coral provides a smart compromise between bright and modern, elegant, delicate orange light.

Combine coral with navy blue in a gorgeous fashion in the living room!

The wall with coral orange accents for the modern white living room.

Elegant wood color

Wood may not be a color, but adding reclaimed wood to your living room is a way
Great to give it a whole new appeal in a neutral, elegant fashion.

This not only makes the house’s color scheme unaffected but also ensures that
Modern living space has a more attractive and attractive visual appeal.

You can use wood to design a rustic style living room,
Classical farm or industrial style.

Different green

Green is one of the rarely used colors in the living room.

But the green backdrop and decoration options are a highlight in this year’s living room,
You can try the green accents to start everything.

Emerald green living room for those who love the appearance of jewelry.

Use the dark blue flair in the living room.

Yellow eye-catching

Yellow decoration is a hot trend in modern living rooms that you can’t ignore
and smart yellow in the living room creates a truly big visual impact.

Yellow has many brilliant shades and in the living room with styles like the Mediterranean,
Traditional and rustic, yellow walls with motifs are really a great choice.

In the more modern and polite living spaces, you can find space for yellow
By using additional furniture and accents.

Warm earth tones

It is not difficult to discover the most beautiful, warm earth tones in your living room.
Just look at the landscape around the house and you will know what works best!
Summer is a great time to try these colors and because they feel neutral and charismatic.

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